How you Gain Weight when you are Stressed!

Yeah, you read it right! When we are constantly stressed we can actually gain weight from it! Way back during the caveman times we were happy little beings living in harmony with no work related stress, financial worries or trying to find a partner via 10 different apps! There was only one reason why we would be seriously stressed…

FAMINE! This was the only reason why we would get stressed during the caveman times! Why? Because we knew it would take a long time to find food as it involved lots of gathering and hunting and was also determined by the seasons. The thing is, our brain and body’s chemical functioning has not changed since “caveman-times” and therefore it stars certain chemical reactions when we are stressed today…

What happens when we are stressed

  1. Our brain sends a signal to our adrenal glands and tells them to produce the steroid hormone cortisol.
  2. Stress causes to produce cortisol all day long which stimulates the fat and carb metabolism for high energy to keep our important organs functioning.
  3. For high energy production our cortisol keeps the blood sugar level high using glucose.

Our brain does not recognize the difference between “starvation stress” and “modern day” stress. So, our brain wants lots of sugar and if possible convert that excess sugar into fat for future possibilities of famine as fat is our long term energy source!

In short: During famine- our body needs to produce energy all day long! The main and fastest energy source is glucose which you get via carbs and sugar.


How you Gain Weight when you are Stressed

Very simple! Due to the high production of cortisol our brain believes it needs to keep the sugar levels high. 

Sugar Addiction 73071129 Original Blog Size

As a result your brains starts to scream at you that you need carbs & sugar! Therefore you get that “craving” for sweets or carbs during the day when your stress level are at the peak! As we are not in caveman days anymore, but in modern days with an abundance of carb choices we can actually stock up and eat that energy! Anytime we want. And we do!


Stress causes weight gain because our body thinks we are going to lack food in the future! As a reaction to this thought we get hungry for starchy, sugary foods which are available in abundance.

So we need to find ways to reduce stress in order to minimize our sugar cravings and avoid eating so much. How you can Read Here!



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