11 Things to do in Ubud, Bali

Hi guys,

I thought to give you guys a summary of Info’s about Ubud from how to get there to what you will find.

1.When you plan on travelling to Bali, check the weather.
See if it is dry hot season or wet season. I did not do that and ended up in mega HOOOOT dry season which was in March and April. It was unfortunate because I did not dare leave the hotel before 5pm to explore Ubud as there are so many lovely  shops to explore!




2.How to get to Ubud from the Airport:
You take a taxi which costs around 200k (16 USD/20 AUS/ 15 EUR) and it takes about 1 hour to get there. Once you walk out of the airport you will be bombarded by people offering you a taxi. TIP: Get a quote for a ride BEFORE you get into the taxi and don’t be shy asking around to get an idea if the price is right.


3. Getting around Ubud:
There is not a lot of choice: its either you walk around or you take a taxi. You will see that when you start walking around Ubud, people at every corner scream “Taksi, Taksi,” at you so it is really easy to get a taxi. We did not use one as we walked everywhere (I see it as a form of exercise ) but a lot of tourists used them so they must be reasonably priced.


4. Coco Supermarket
You also will find a few supermarkets in Ubud. We went to Coco because it was close to our hotel. It offers all the standard western foods like cereals, jams and coffee as well as fruit, veggies, drinks and the like and Balinese souvenirs. Great to save some money and get some healthy food if your hotel has a fridge or you a kettle – see blog: 7 tips to travel on a budget and stay healthy.


5. Explore the side streets
Go into the little side streets that go off the main streets as you will find lots of other little cafes and shops. Don’t be scared, I found it quite safe in Ubud. Of cause do not lose your wits and keep your “safety radar” on, if something feels wrong, just leave the area. It applies to all places in the world!




6. Discover the Balinese Culture
One of the beautiful things in Ubud is that their culture is still very much present in form of offerings to their gods on the streets to full moon progressions on every full moon in full Balinese clothing. They also play relaxing Balinese music on some nights.




7. Need a massage?
Ubud is busting with reasonably priced massage places. They cost around 200k (16 USD/20 AUD/15 EUR). I have not tried one as I felt too hot for it at the time but I met a German girl who was raving about that “Chocolate Spa Massage”. She said she will go back again before she left. So must be good 🙂




8. A lot of hotels and homestays to chose from
You do not need to worry about not finding a hotel room in Ubud. The choice is huge. If you want to read about my hotel experience check out my blog: Cheap accommodation in Ubud, Bali.




9. Discover the Balinese kitchen
And all the restaurants are really great priced. The average price was around 20k ( 1.5 USD, 2 AUD, 1.5 EUR). One of the restaurant we kept on going back to was Warung Biah Biah. It offered a great atmosphere, free Wifi, great food as well as vegan and vegetarian options. If you are vegetarian, vegan or raw vegan you wont have any problems either finding great food. Check out my blog: vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan restaurants Ubud, Bali).





10. Feel like going on a tour? No Worries!
Easy to find on each street corner are tour guides who sell you day tours. Sightseeing like rice fields over wonderful temples. When we asked for a tour the guide quoted us around 20k per tour (16 USD/ 20 AUD/15 EUR). We did not get on one though.


11.Getting back to the airport/Kuta
The same tourist stands offer shuttle buses from Ubud back to Kuta or the airport. It costs around 120k (9 USD, 12 AUD, 8 EUR). WARNING: The ride takes around 2 hours and you get packed into the bus like a sardine. To make things worse, even though we were told the bus was air conned-it wasn’t! It was the hottest bus ride I have ever been to. That was an experience for sure.


I hope those tips and info’s help you decide going to Ubud and what to expect there – well I loved it even though there was no beach!

Happy Travels!

XOX Rosa

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