8 Tips to stay fit & healthy whilst travelling on a budget

Hi Guys,

These tips are mostly based on travelling in Asia.

It is not easy to stay healthy, vegetarian/vegan and travel at the same time. Especially when you love trying out new sweet treats around the world and want to keep your weight or even lose some weight. Here are also tips for vegans and vegetarians as this is how I eat 🙂

1.Get a hotel room with a fridge or minibar

That way you can go to the local markets and buy fresh fruit and veggies and store them in the fridge. It saves you money and you have healthy snacks in the hotel if you get hungry before lunch or dinner.

2. Travel with a little kettle

We just got a collapsible kettle – AWESOME. Now you can whip up some noodles with veggies and tofu in your hotel room.

Boil the water, add all the ingredients into a bowl  and pour water on top. Voila. Cheap vegan low fat lunch.



3. Take chia seeds and goji berries with you

They will give you the proteins and omega 3 or with goji berries even iron which you need to keep heathy and avoid hair loss (see blog 2 reasons why woman lose their hair )

4. Buy unsalted almonds or cashews

If you can buy walnuts for Omega 3 as well. Nuts will give you proteins and healthy fats. They are a great snack to keep yourself fueled with the right foods and stop you from overeating on sweets as your body gets the right nutrition and does not tell your brain it wants more food!





TIP: Do not eat too many peanuts. They are yummy and cheaper but they contain unfortunately inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids which can be toxic when eaten in high amounts! |


5. Buy whole meal toast and avocado @ the local market

You can then whip up a quick and healthy lunch as it will provide you with healthy anti-inflammatory Omega 6 fatty acids! By the way, Bali had really huge Avocadoes!




6. Buy (organic-if possible) 100% nut butters

Like cashew nut or peanut butters (latter do not overeat on). You can spread them as a healthy snack on top of bananas, apples or of cause on toast . YUM! You get your proteins, healthy fats and vitamins in one and again you do not tend to snack on a cake or muffin 🙂


Healthy snack.jpg


7. Exercise in he hotel room

I use YouTube videos such as Billy Blanks Tae Bo or Jillian Michaels 30 days of shred. For weights I use water bottles- you can even change the weight by buying small or large bottles  🙂




Or if I can -I go for a jog at the beach in the late afternoons (you can also go early in the morning-if you can wake up 🙂





Did you know… that 70% of weight loss is based on what you EAT and only 30% comes from exercise?!


8. Make sure you keep hydrated!

As you will sweat much more in tropical countries when you exercise. Drink 3-4 liters of water per day. This rule applies to every temperature and any country. We need 1.5 liters alone just for our cells in the body to function proper! So the remaining water is to keep you hydrated and to flush out all the toxins from your body.




Too many don’t drink enough water and mix up thirst with hunger and tend to eat more- but all your body wants is water! So drink up!


I hope this helps you guys to travel on a budget and want to stay healthy, fit and not put on too much weight from getting tempted from all the alluring foods! it sure helped me 🙂


Happy Travel!


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