Cheap accommodation in Ubud, Bali

Hi guys,

the biggest expense you have when travelling on a budged is the accommodation and therefore I decided to share with you two of the hotels we found in Ubud, Bali at great room rates…

Our budget per night as Expats:
16 USD (20 AUD , 15 EUR or 200k IDR) per night for both of us.

With this budget in mind, we started to look for hotels and we ended up deciding between two hotels/homestays:

1.The Fibra Ubud

(featured image on this blog)


Money Forrest Road which is much busier than Jalan Hanoman Road and more touristy as it is located close to the monkey forest, which as the name suggests is full of monkeys. Lots of restaurants, bars and little shops.



for 1 month stay: 275k (22 USD / 27 AUD) with breakfast (toast, fruit and coffee) or 250 (20 USD/ 25 AUD) without breakfast and free Wifi

Room amenities:
AC, minibar fridge, king bed, balcony/terrace, separate bathroom with large wall mirror, nice décor and pool views. In general cleaner than our current hotel.

Hotel amenities:
2 pools, 1 spa, beautiful relaxing and luscious garden, outdoor seating for breakfast, large restaurant for dinner.




2. Dewa Bungalows


200k (16 USD / 20AUD) including Indonesian breakfast buffet and free Wifi


Link to book a room:

Dewa Bungalows

Room amenities
AC, one double bed and 1 single bed, balcony, TV, separate bathroom, small mirror and cloth rack to hang your cloth outside to dry. BONUS!!!




Hotel amenities:
1 restaurant, 1 pool and a very nice green walkway with palms and exotic trees but no garden as such.




The buffet breakfast consisted of seasonal fruit, toast with jam, butter and always one Indonesian breakfast option such as rice with curry, nasi goreng (rice dish) or bami goreng (noodle dish).What was really great, was that they cooked me every morning a fresh vegetarian option of the current meal. This was really nice of them!!!




We ended up deciding for the Dewa Bungalow as it was right on our budget: had AC , great views, balcony and a pool and it had an Indonesian breakfast buffet. Plus we had the best room in the house. It was on the 2 nd floor with a balcony overlooking Ubud and floor to wall CORNER  windows. A 180 degree view. WE LOVED IT!!!



That’s it. I hope this helped a little bit when hunting for the best hotel and the cheapest rate.

Happy Travels,


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