Paradiso Ubud- an organic vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan Cinema

I could not believe it when I found this, hidden in a side street of Ubud’s main drag is an organic vegetarian cinema!!! How it works and how much it costs…



50k (4 USD/ 5 AUD/ 3 EUR) per movie ticket.

The best part: They credit the 50k you paid for the movie ticket towards the restaurant bill. For example: If order for 100k food and beverages you only end up paying 50k after you give the staff your movie ticket :))))


The Meals

They outline what meal is vegetarian, vegan or even raw vegan. Here some foods they offer:
The Dragon Bowl Salad
Mostly consitent of raw veggies with cold Udon noodles, guava fruit and a very nice homemade citrus dressing.
Sweet potato chips or potato wedges
The vegan veggie burrito
Made with whole meal tortilla bread and filled with brown rice and roasted veggies and hummus dip. YUUUM
The Vegan Burger:
The burger is filled with lettuce, tomatoes, onion and a chickpea patty. Topped with hummus dip and served with homemade tomato-sauce and potato wedges.
They bring the food once the movie starts and you eat whilst watching the movie.  Admittedly it is dark when you eat and I love to see my food when I am eating. If you want to order more (or a dessert) during the movie you just need to lift your hand and a waiter will come and take your order.
At the end of the movie they bring you the bill to the table and you give them your movie ticket to credit you the 50k and pay.

Side Infos:

1. You need to take off your shoes before you enter the movies

2 Take a jumper and/or socks with you as it is quiet cold in there s
3. The movies time tables are displayed outside the cinema or online:

4. They do not show a lot of block buster and latest movies– maybe one or two. But they show classics and documentaries which I found really great!!! We watched for example the documentary “Food Matters”.


Go and check it out when you are in Ubud because it definitely worth it!!! The food was yummy and healthy and it was just a different movie experience from the conventional movie theaters you are used to.
 Happy Travels,

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