Ayurveda: 7 reasons to live and eat according the sun

1. Eat a light breakfast, if you are hungry at all
2. The best time for exercise is between 6 am and 8 am
3. For lunch eat as much as you like, but it needs to be between 12 pm and 2 pm
4. Between 2 pm and 6 pm it is time for the afternoon tea or a ” Siesta”
5. Do not exercise after 7 pm
6. Best dinner time is between 6 pm and 10 pm and should be light
7. Go to bed before 10 pm
Why is this according to nature?
Read on 🙂

According to Ayurveda our body clock is tuned into a 4 hour rhythm. Our body is basically aligned according to nature and the rhythm of the sun. As the day starts the sun is not overly strong, hence we should not be eating a lot in the morning as our body is also weak in digesting our food. It is even suggested not to eat breakfast
until you are getting hungry which should naturally be around 10 am.

The best time of the day to exercise it’s between 6 and 8 am as this is when the body finished doing its cleaning and repairing work during the night and helps your digestion to get into gear for breakkie.

According to Mark Bunn the best time for eating lunch should between 12 PM and 2 pm because this aligns with the sun as it burns the strongest during this time and therefore our body is also burning food the most at this time. So, eat up and big time, if you like because your body performs at its best during these hours.

Between 2pm and 6 pm it is time for the afternoon tea or  a ” Siesta” (lucky Italians, Spaniels and Portuguese!). You may feel like to have a catnap and/or have something sweet. This is because your body is telling you that it craves to rest but if you are not able to rest, as you are working at that time, it asks for energy food. It is important to not grab the next chocolate bar or muffin and coffee, but instead opt to healthier options such as herbal tea and some fruit. It is packed with vitamins, fiber and lots of energy.



It is recommended not to do any exercise after 7 pm as your body usually needs to prepare itself to get ready for bed and the stimuli that is created from exercise interrupts your body to do so.

Dinner time is from 6pm to 10 pm because this is when the suns goes down and so does our body clock and digestive system. In other words- meals should only be very light and in small amounts, rather than having large meals before going to bed. The reason behind this is, that your body works it’s magic in repairing its cells and unwanted bacteria between 10pm and 2am. So, when you have a large meal before going to bed your body concentrates on digesting your food instead of concentrating on replenishing and repairing itself.

This is one reason as to why we should be asleep by latest 10 pm so that your body can do its magic. The later you go to bed the less it can work on itself. When we do go to bed by latest 10 pm we should wake up automatically when the sun rises between 6-7 am without an alarm and we should be feeling pretty fit to get up.

I tried to live according to Marks book whilst I was with my husband in Sydney, living with my parents-in-law because they are naturally living almost like Mark Bunns suggestions as they always have bigger lunches but very small dinners and it worked pretty well. I was always sleepy by latest 10 pm and I really, no kidding , woke up around 7 am with no alarm or a groggy feeling! that was amazing because every time I went later to bed I also woke up much later and this usually got me off on the wrong foot. I felt drowsy and sleepy for much longer in the mornings.

But when we travelled to Asia we changed the time of day we ate because it was way too hot to eat big during lunch and small during dinner. So, we basically changed the eating patterns according to the weather and ate light for lunch and went out for dinner and ate big because we could tolerate the heat better at night and therefore we were hungrier!

Inspiration and resource of this blog is the book from Mark Bunn called “Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health” which was a great read as he has great tips and thoughts about health, food, exercise and reconnecting with nature in conjunction with our modern lifestyle.


Have you read this book? How did you like it? Did his approach help you to live a healthier life and to lose some weight?


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