Hair Loss: Why woman also lose their hair!

Hair loss is unfortunately not uncommon for females these days. As we tend to eat less nutritious foods and are under much more duress in our day to day lives it can affect the strength and health of our hair as well. What vitamins to take and how to reduce stress to keep our gorgeous hair you can learn here…

What made me want to write about females and hair loss?

Simple I was losing my hair! Lots and lots of hair! Hello, at the time I was 33 and I am female and we are not supposed to lose our hair! When I started dreading to wash my hair I decided to read up about it! I googled, of cause, and I also went through my study material.  And the two main reasons for hair loss:

1. An Unbalanced Diet and missing Vitamins & Minerals

According to Google and my study material we need to ensure that we get all of the important vitamins and minerals for healthy and strong hair. As I am currently travelling around, my diet changes continuously and I asked myself, do I get enough vitamins and minerals ?

Vitamins we need for our Hair

Vitamin/Minerals How it helps our hair In what food can I find it
Zink and iron

Helps with hair growth

Iron: red meat, livr, spinach, kale,

Zinc: pumpkin seeds, nuts, liver and meat

Both: Quinoa (even B12), Goji Berries, lentils,

Vitamin B6, C, zinc or essential fatty acids

Helps with dandruff

B6:Banana, nuts, carrots

C: citrus fruits, fruits

Zink: pumpkin seeds, nuts, liver and meat

Essential fatty acids:

Omega 6: Olive oil, nut-oils, avocado

Omega 3: salmon, tuna, Chia Seeds, Quinoa, walnuts

Vitamin A (carotenoids) Healthy hair, skin, bones and good sight Orange or yellow vegetables such as yellow squash, carrots or sweet potato, yellow or orange fruits such as apricots or oranges or green veggies such as kale or spinach.

Also in liver, milk, butter, whole eggs and cheese

B5/ Pantothenic acid Vegetables, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, asparagus, crab, meat, liver, Against grey hair, hair loss, hair and mucous membrane disease
Biotin Liver, eggs, milk, cauliflower, mushrooms, whole meal products, avocado, spinach Skin diseases, loss in growth of hair, liver damage

Supplement for Hair Loss

I bought (as recommended by my hairdresser) a packet of Hair-Intensive capsules (I bought them in Germany, brand: Doppel-Herz and cost 10 Euros). These are loaded with the above vitamins. It is advised to take them up to 3 month with 1 capsule daily (but read the package instructions). I took them every day for about 2 month. And guess what: my hair stopped falling off my head after only 2 weeks!!!!!! I was the happiest chick on this planet when I went to wash my hair and bit by bit less and less hair fell off my head. *HAPPYDAYS*

Attention Vegetarians and Vegans: Thre are  two types of hair intensive capsules, one has beef in them and the other iss for vegetarians. So, watch the ingredients list to be sure.

After the capsules, I ensured that I ate the right foods containing mentioned vitamins and minerals as supplements are never as effective as real whole foods of cause!

2. Chronic stress

CIG_IMG048 (2)

We woman tend to do our beloved multi-tasking every single day, and we are bloody good at it.

But in my online research I found out that we tend to do too many things at once and that we are trying to balance everything that life throws at us from preparing meals for the family over grocery shopping to working full time (even as mommy’s) And this, ladies, is STRESS.

What helps against stress?

1. Exercise. This helps because it reduces the stress hormone adrenalin and cortisol which is build up in the bodies “fight or flight” reaction. More about this in a sec.

2. Take a time-out and relax! Take a few minutes in your busy day and close your eye and relax.

More tips on lowering your stress levels HERE!

Disadvantages of long term stress

Long term stress can be a cause of high work load, relationship problems or a very busy day to day lifestyle.

The problem is, that if we produce cortisol for too long it can:

*Cause the body to burn lean muscle tissues for energy
*Increase the level of blood glucose to create energy which may lead to diabetes
*May result in organ malfunction or mental burnout
*Weakens the immune system (so we get faster sick)
*Weakens our bones.
*Can leak to tiredness and energy loss
If you lose your hair think about your day to day live: Am I stressed, could I need a break? Am I eating the right food and providing my body with enough vitamins and minerals??

I hope this helped you guys to stop or lessen your hair loss. It did the trick for me, yeay 🙂


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