The Speicherstadt – Hamburg’s Grand ‘City of Warehouses’

The Speicherstadt is located in the city of Hamburg and known to be a major port city in North Germany. It is something to behold as this is the only location in the world where you will find a 130 years old “city” made out of warehouses which has been build on top of water! Come and check out one of Hamburg’s most visited Tourist attractions and one of UNESCOS World Heritage Sites…

Location of Hamburgs Speicherstadt

The Speicherstadt is located in between Hamburgs “Old” Harbor and “New Harbor City” and can be easily reached by train [U-Bahn in German]. The closest U-Bahn station is “Baumwall”.



Visiting the picturesque City of Hamburg?

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History Snapshot of Hamburg’s Speicherstadt

Speicherstadt means translated “City of Warehouses” and is the largest warehouse sector in the world where you could trade goods without paying custom fees! It was constructed between 1883 and 1927 and opened for trade in 1888. Noteworthy is that the buildings were developed on top of oak logs and are classified as “gothic revival” architectural style!!! )(Source:

Speicherstadt Riverview


The Speicherstadt Warehouses

They are still used today and the companies are known to be exporting one third of the world’s carpet production as well as selling other goods such as coffee, tea, spices and cocoa. Info:

Speicherstadt Warehouses Row


5 Things to Do in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt

1. Speicherstadt and Hamburgs New Harbor City River cruise

A fantastic way to experience Hamburg’s Harbor and the Speicherstadt is to go on a River Cruise. They take around 1-2 hours and tickets costs start from 20 EUR per Person.

Website:  Hamburg River Cruise

Speicherstadt Cruise

2. Visit Hamburg’s Dungeons

Experience 600 years of Hamburg’s History in a spooky and fun way with live actors recreating the past such as the “Hamburg’s Great Fire from 1842” in a total different way. Entertainment for young and old!

Website:  Hamburg Dungeons

Hamburg Dungeon 2
Image source:

3. Experience the “Dialog in the Dark” Museum

A recreated world in total darkness of how blind people “see”, feel, hear and walk through the world. This museum has blind people who will give you a walking stick and lead you into pitch-dark rooms to experience recreated “everyday life scenarios” such as crossing busy streets, walking through parks and visiting a café. You can even purchase drinks!

Website: Dialog in the Dark

Source Image: und 

4. Explore the “Miniatur Wonderland Hamburg”

Explore the world in a miniature version in this extraordinary Museum. With lots of love and attention to the smallest details you will discover our modern world with mini trains and ships to the smallest airport in the world. They also recreated concerts, city life and more!

Website: Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

5. Stroll along Hamburgs Speicherstadt

One of my favorite things to do in Hamburg is to enjoy the Speicherstadt by strolling over one of the countless bridges, take snapshots of the historic buildings and inhale the fresh and cool air of Hamburg or perhaps visit one of the old “coffee roasting shops” located inside one of the warehouses.

Also beautiful to walk at night…

Speicherstadt Bridge and Elphi view


The Speicherstadt is without a doubt Hamburg’s jewel, not only for its history but for their charming red bricks as well as the many bridges and the water surrounding this city of warehouses. Simply unique! It’s definitely worth a visit!


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