Thai vegan and vegetarian culinary bliss at Café del Sunshine in Lonely Beach, Koh Chang Thailand!

Who said it’s hard to find vegetarian and vegan food whilst travelling? I guess it’s true in some countries but this is not the case on Lonely Beach on Thailand’s island Koh Chang! Almost every single restaurant in Lonely Beach I walked into offered vegetarian and even vegan dishes! Well, once you asked them to omit the egg and fish sauce that is 🙂 One of the many restaurants that offered a huge variety of delicious vegan and vegetarian Thai dishes was Café del Sunshine…

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KAFE Ubud in Bali. Experience deliciously wholesome organic vegan and raw vegan food!

I truly enjoyed the food in Ubud located in Bali as it was nowhere easier to find deliciously healthy vegetarian, vegan and even raw vegan food! There are countless restaurants, cafes and even a movie theatre that offered organic wholesome food in the middle of the culture filled Indonesian Island of Bali. One of these restaurants that ofered amazing food is called KAFE. Here you can come and order freshly squeezed veggies and fruit juices and work on yor PC or enjoy an amazing vegan/vegetarian dinner. Come and check out KAFE Ubud with me and see what they have to offer…

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Paris bicycle tour along the Seine! See the best of Paris in No-Time [How to rent a bike in Paris]

There are so many treasures to discover and things to do in Paris. The beauty is that most of the main attractions such as the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and the countless picturesque bridges of Paris are in plain view when cycling along the river Seine. Walking the distance would be a whole day event and result in very hurtful feet [I tried it and gave up at the Pont Alexandre III!] Thankfully you can see and reach all these main attractions in no-time with Paris’s public bicycle sharing system which is called Verlib! Super easy to use and to rent out! Find out how the bicycle sharing system works and pedal along the Seine to see the beauty of Paris with me…

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Lush & exotic budget accommodation in Ubud, Bali

The biggest expense you have when travelling on a budged is the accommodation and therefore I decided to share with you two guest houses, one we stayed in and the other we contemplated about. We stayed in the infamous Ubud in Bali for almost 6 weeks because it truly was a relaxing and culturally lovely region in Bali just as Elizabeth Gilbert described in her beautiful and witty book “eat, pray and love”. Check out these simple, affordable and great guesthouses with me…

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The best vegan noodles in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam! [Healthy Farm Vegan Restaurant]

Ho Chi Minh [former Saigon] is my absolute favorite city to date in terms of finding delicious vegan and vegetarian food!!! There is an abundance of little vegan and vegetarian restaurants hidden in the middle of the infamous “Motorbike City”. One of them is called “Healthy Farm” and they even offer a little “Vegan Supermarket” in the back! Come and check out this little gem with me…

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Vegetarian & Vegan Complete Protein Sources [How to Get and Mix them]

We need to ensure that our body receives all the essential proteins within a 24 hour period so that we function at our most efficient level. As vegetarians and vegans we need to be mindful that not all the 9 essential amino acids are contained within one plant food. That’s why we need to ensure that we mix our vegetarian protein’s right! How? You can find out in this blog..

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Hearty Oven Roasted Eggplant & Tomato Antipasti [Vegan]

Eggplants and tomatoes are a loved by Mediterranean’s and commonly used in many of their recipes. These fantastic fruits (yep, they are both fruits) can be baked, boiled and fried and taste delish which ever way you decide to prepare them! However, baking them is much healthier than frying them, as you will use much less oil! Without further ado, check out this simple recipe!

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Maharani – Discover a delicious Indian Restaurant with an abundance of vegetarian food in Hamburg!

Need a break from German Food whilst visiting Hamburg? No worries! Experience an exotic and delicious getaway when visiting the Maharani Indian Restaurant in Hamburg. Be greeted by very friendly waiters, relaxing Indian music and décor! True to the Indian cuisine they serve a great choice of vegetarian and vegan dishes! Come and check it out with me!

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Vegetarian & Vegan Protein Sources Exposed! [Nutritional Benefits, Disadvantages and Healthy Alternatives]

“Do vegetarians and vegans get enough proteins?”  To answer this infamous question I decided to list the sources of vegetarian & vegan proteins below. There are so many healthy vegetarian sources of proteins out there other than meat or fish. If you include these foods into diet it is very possible to get enough proteins- you just need to know where to find them 🙂 Read More

The Speicherstadt – Hamburg’s Grand ‘City of Warehouses’

The Speicherstadt is located in the city of Hamburg and known to be a major port city in North Germany. It is something to behold as this is the only location in the world where you will find a 130 years old “city” made out of warehouses which has been build on top of water! Come and check out one of Hamburg’s most visited Tourist attractions and one of UNESCOS World Heritage Sites… Read More