Drink More Water! All you need to know about water and your health!

In this series I will concentrate about our body and its fluids. So first up: Water! By mass our body’s cells consist of 65-90% of water! Amazing, isn’t it! And yet many of us simply just don’t drink enough water to replenish that what we lose every day. So, here is all you need to know about drinking Water…

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Discover Palermo: The Historic Via Maqueda

What a beautifully preserved and ancient “Shopping” Street! It is wonderful to see how the Italians kept the very old Baroque buildings and turned them into moderns shops where you can find anything from shoes, clothing and food! Come and discover Via Maqueda and its famous Quatro Canti and La Fontana Pretoria with me!

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Discover Palermo: The Marvelous and Time-Honored City of Italy

Palermo, what a surprisingly authentic, old and also modern city! This city has stunning Baroque buildings, multi-cultural people and lots of diverse markets! I loved getting “lost” in the side streets of Palermo as you got surrounded by mesmerizing old and new buildings as well as cute little markets where the Sicilian sold the goods by screaming them out! So come and get lost with me…

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Vitamin D and weight loss! Why it’s so important for our body!

There are studies showing that lack of vitamin D aids weight gain and that more and more people are lacking it in today’s society because it is mostly obtained via the UV rays from the sunlight (hardly found in food), we work mostly indoors and we cover our skin against the sun when we do go outside! So here is why lack of vitamin D may aid to weight gain and why our body so desperately needs it!

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Sydney’s Open-Air Art Gallery- Sculptures by the Sea

Every year at the start of November and the beginning of Australia’s spring Sydney host’s an amazing open air Art Gallery right along the ocean between Tamarama and Bondi Beach. The stunning sculptures are made by diverse Artists each year and it is free to go and have a look at!

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Delicious Vegan Lunch @ Sydney’s Ichi-Ban Boshi Japanese Noodle House

Hi Guys,

Close to the Eastern beaches Bondi, Bronte or Coogee Beach is a shopping mall called Bondi Junction. If you are staying/living close to the beaches you will most likely end up shopping at Bondi Junction Shopping Mall. Need a break or a quick lunch before continuing shopping? Check out Ichi- Ban Boshi Japanese Noodle House which serves vegan/vegetarian food as well!

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Live your Dream Life Part 3: Six Minimalist ways to save money!

What is a minimalist?

There are different ways how people perceive to be a minimalist. For me it’s simple: DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON SH**T! Purchase things your really need, find “cheaper ways of living” and save your money for assets rather than things that lose value over time.

This is how I went about it in 6 ways…

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